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Whole Food Plant Based | second month

Eat your vegetables, they are healthy!


I weigh 72.9kg at light core-training/stretching 10-20 minutes 3-5 times a week.

Typical day of eating

  • Pre-breakfast: 1/2 liter of water
  • Breakfast: chia soaked in soygurt with strawberries and/or banana
  • Lunch: wholegrain bread with various vegan spread + cucumber + tomato
  • Snack: 1 appel or banana
  • Dinner: potatoes/wolegrain pasta/wholegrain rice with vegatables, green salad or zucchini-spaghetty as side dish

Made Hummus and Mustacado which I like much better than the store-bought spread. Growing sprouts in a sprout jar. Homed in on ricemilk to go with my coffee.


My digestion has improved, partly due to my high intake of filtered water, I guess. I underestimated the amount of food I had to eat to meet my caloric needs at first. No wonder, as fat is 9 calories per gram while carbs are just 4 calories/gram. Once realised, I have fun eating an abundance of diverse and spicy meals.

I will be on vacation in Denmark for two weeks now. Curious how that will work out.

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