This started as a self experiment in nutrition in early 2015. I wanted to know if a change in diet would do anything for the persistant pain in my right shoulder. I already knew the other side of the fence: low-carb. That shoulder problem started in 2007 after two years of extensive exercise on a paleo-style diet.

It’s amazing what you are able to research in this age of digital publishing when you strive for awareness about the stuff you put into your mouth multiple times each day. My first field of interest became, naturally, the coherences of nutrition and health. Once you look beyond advertising-claims and dig your way to real nutritional science, some face-palming about your own former ignorance will follow. Of course do humans resemble primates. Of course do herbivores get enough protein, they wouldn’t get that big if not. Of course did you know that vegetables are good for you but cholesterol and fat not so much.

There is a star-wars-esque battle raging right now in front of our eyes. On one side, there is the Order of Nutritional Jedi. Medical doctors and nutritionists trying to get the wisdom they gained through research and experience to you. And then there is the Empire of Big Food trying to disrupt this message. Industries that need you to consume their products for their profits, no matter what.

And when you look past nutritional science, you will learn that at least animals are killed for consumption annualy. This just isn’t ecologically sustainable for long without dire consequences. If we support the Empire, we are responsible for deforestation and climate change, ocean dead zones, species extinction and even world hunger.

It’s time to pick up the lightsaber and join the fight now. Help save the planet and your health. Eat plants!