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Suddenly you’re here.
Les Miserables

This escalated quickly!

It started as an experiment over a year ago? Wow, time flies. Alot has happened in these months. My mother died of lung cancer in combination with stroke on 26.12.2015, my mother-in-law got a cardiac pacemaker in early 2016 and my father-in-law is struggling with prostate cancer.

In October 2015 the World Health Organization declared red meat a carcenogenic group 2A and processed meat a carcenogenic group 1 – that’s the group smoking cigarettes, asbestos and nuclear waste is in. And what do these stubborn old farts do? Bacon for breakfast, Schnitzel for lunch and Leberwurst for dinner!

I’m baffled how hard it is for some people to adapt to new concepts and change their old ways accordingly. The research is there, in plain sight for everyone with internet-access and knowledge of basic English. This must be Big Broccoli having their way with us, right?!

My mother, who told me to eat my veggies when I was little, died early from a diet of yoghurt, Müllermilch and laxatives. How weird is that? But it all fits together so perfectly. Free radicals, antioxidants, colesterol, degenerative deseases, human jaws and intestines … everything.

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