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The Vegan Menace

According to the German Vegetarian Association we had around 10% vegatarians and 1.1% vegans by January 2015. So refusing animal products can safely be considered “not normal”.

But are these vegans a menace to society, as some claim, ready to overthrow economies by force and plunge us all into a dark age of minimalism? Or are they just delusional but harmless individuals fond of yoga?

I will provide intel by gathering vital information from the battlefield of vegan nutrition to aid you in your quest for wisdom. Yes, I am that heroic.

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2 thoughts on “The Vegan Menace”

  1. Vegans are definitely a threat to the system. For the simple fact that they aren’t afraid of doing things differently, AND will talk about it, which is very very de-stabilizing for the establishment. We are like a little army of social consciousness!

    1. The vegan position is untouchable in every aspect. Ethics, health, economics, environment – there simply is no valid argument against going vegan except

      I don’t want to! *stamps foot*

      People hate being forced. Even when it’s their own logic forcing them to do the smart thing.

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