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Darth Oliver in “The Egg Board Strikes Back”

The American Egg Board recently tried to quash the rise of Hampton Creek’s egg alternative “Just Mayo”. The thing is that the Egg Board is a tax funded organisation commissioned to protect the american egg industry. But they can not simply lie about the benefits of eating eggs. How inconvenient is that?!

If you can not do your job properly by just stating false claims, use a ventriloquist’s dummy! Chefs and food-bloggers do have the freedom of “being wrong” in their “beliefs”. You just need to hand them some (tax)money, and they will tell whatever you want them to. Worked like a charm with Jamie Oliver who is eagerly telling us how healthy eggs are:

And he is by far not the only one telling what he has been paid for. It is a common part of the marketing mix of companies and industries by now to have bloggers and youtubers advertising products. So we better think twice before accepting an opinion as genuine, no matter how uncommercial the source seems.

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